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November 13, 2013


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1. Who are the villains in your theory? Choose one or more of the following.
-Trilateral Commission
-Skull and Bones
-Council on Foreign Relations
-Jews(If you don't wanna sound anti-semetic,just use the term "International Bankers" instead)
-Bilderberg Group
-Bohemian Club and/or Bohemian Grove
-Reptillian Aliens
-Catholic Church

2. What's their progress so far?
-Already control the world
-Trying to take over the world and they must be stopped!

3. How are they gonna take over the world or reveal that they own the world? Choose one of the following.
-Coup D'Etat

4. What other evil things are they gonna do/already doing? Choose one or more of the following.
-Bring the Antichrist to power
-Global religion
-Persecute Evangelical/Fundie Christians
-Bring about sexual immorality
-Fabricate/Create global warming(If you chose this,read up on question 4a.)
-Brainwash us(If you chose this,read up on question 4b.)
-Global currency
-Global language
-Facist and/or Communist dictatorship
-Population control(If you chose this,read up on question 4c.)
-Take away our guns!
-Create wars
-Global slavery

4a. Did you choose "Fabricate/Create global warming"? If so,how are they doing it? Choose one or more of the following.
-Fabricate data
-Satelittes with laser beams

4b. Did you choose "Brainwash us"? If so,how are they doing it? Choose one or more of the following.
-Subliminal messages
-Brain implants
-Rock/Pop artists
-Drugging our food and/or water

4c. Did you choose "Population control"? If so,how are they doing it? Choose one or more of the following.
-Birth control methods
-Diseases that were actually made by them(pick any disease you can think of or make up your own)
-Manmade natural disasters(That may or may not have been created with HAARP and/or chemtrails)
-Death camps/Concentration camps

5. What proof do you have of their existence? Choose one or more of the following.
-Any symbol that looks suspicious to you.
-Some Youtube video(s) of something weird in the sky
-Any black helicopter you see
-Play some music backwards and claim you hear secret messages
-Gun laws
-Gay marraiage
-Woman's rights
-Civil rights
-Any recent natural disaster(s)
-Questionable testimony

6. Does the current president have something to do with this?
-He's the AntiChrist/the False Prophet/A Warm Up for the Actual Antichrist
-He's one of them
-He's a pawn
-He's been brainwashed by them

7. Is the US Government involved?
-They're working for them
-They're secretly trying to fight them off....and they're losing
-They ARE them!

8. Anyone else involved? Choose one or more of the following. You may skip this question if you like.
-(Insert business(es) here)
-Any or all rock/pop musician(s)(be sure to point out weird symbols on their album covers and/or music videos if you can)
-Any of the groups mentioned in question 1.
-Any cult(s)
-Any terrorist organization(s)
-The British royal family
-New age religions
-Scientific Community

9. Any other conspiracies that they're involved in? Choose one or more of the following. You may skip this question if you like.
-They murdered(Insert any dead celebrity/celebrities here)NOTE: Popular choices are Tupac,Biggie,JFK,John Lennon,Bruce Lee,Paul McCartney(he's actually dead. They replaced him with a look alike) and MJ
-They are responsible for UFO's
-They are involved with the hollow earth or are hollow earth beings(bonus points if they're Nazis who surivived WWII. More bonus points if Hitler is still alive and living down there)
-They were behind(insert any terrorist act(s)and/or war(s) that you can think of)
-They created AIDS/SARS/Swine Flu/etc.
-They mutilate cattle
-They're supressing advances in technology(medical,free energy,etc.)
-They're gonna fake an alien invasion with holograms or they'll blame the rapture on aliens when it happens.

Congrats! You just made your own NWO conspiracy theory! Now go create a Youtube channel and let the world know!
Time to grab your tinfoil hat and let the world know of the evil forces that control our planet! Will be updated when needed. If I missed anything,let me know.
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The-Conquerors Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Actually you replace Jews with"Zionist" if you don't want to sound anti-Semitic. It carries the connotation of being a greedy banker and a baby killer that eats the flesh of said babies. ~ C
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
frankteller Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
"7. Is the US Government involved?
-No. "

Based on what I know of conspiracy theories, I don't think this is one of the options.
Mirai-Ikusa Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly, if you're going to categorically deny that conspiracies never happen, then you're just as idiotic as those who blame conspiracies for everything that happens.

Why in hell would you believe that the government never lies? You got to be out of your mind. They lie about everything. They lie about stuff that doesn't even matter.

Have any of those crooked Wall Street financial manipulators been imprisoned yet? Did anyone get severely punished for the Enron scandal? What's happened with the Benghazi business? Has anyone been able to "accidentally" duplicate the controlled demolition features of Building Seven's collapse without being a controlled demolition?
frankteller Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
That wasn't my point. I meant it in the sense that I have never encountered a conspiracy theory that did not involve the government in some way. And while some conspiracy theories are quite loony, there can be little doubt that the government does lie and cover up a lot. Conspiracy theorists generally go overboard, but they often draw upon a good deal of truth.
Mirai-Ikusa Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You realize perhaps that technically, all police investigators, and any crime investigator, any intelligence agency, any investigative journalist, anyone at all who is trying to discover the truth behind unethical action by a group, is a "conspiracy theorist". The reality is that the whole demonisation of the term was part of a propaganda campaign carried out by the CIA, FBI, and others through Mockingbird in order to short circuit public debate about the JFK assassination anomalies. When you treat "conspiracy theorists" as somehow a derogatory term, you're allowing yourself to fall prey to that particular game.

Naturally, it's more complex than just that. About time people began to resist this manipulation of their language.
Zeonista Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Is this single-answer multiple choice, or can we select more than one category? :)
LordOfstamps Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Multiple categories are okay.
DasBishop666 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
magnifique mon amie.
Spiritswriter123 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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